I created this needlework for Rise & Design, a discussion group for creatives in my hometown of Columbus, Ohio. The cover art is based on the sun rising over a landscape. Columbus doesn't exactly have a hilly landscape. I see the hills as obstacles in the journey of entrepreneurship. The group is wonderful for helping entrepreneurs get over those obstacles. The typography and style I used was inspired by 1960s-70s poster art. The logo and title copy were added by the Rise & Design team.
My initial sketch created from a grid. I left spaces to place the type in the layout. 

After scanning in my project, I went over the lines in Illustrator to finalize my work. The type was placed. I chose a playful font with 1970s influence because my design has a 70s flair. As you can see, the Rise & Design in this version did not make it. I felt that the letters were too small to translate to embroidery. Besides Rise & Design has its own logo. 
My vector sketch was transferred to the muslin. In this step, I decided that some of the details in the vector sketch weren't needed in the final product. The vector sketch had felt empty to me but thats just the nature of the medium. I used craft felt to create a 3D effect to the hills. The hills were attached with glue and covered with satin stitch. 
To balance the satin stitched "Nov", I decided use the negative space of the "2". The number is surrounded by glass beads using a technique that I love employing. I used chainstitch and satin stitch on the other parts of the piece. 
A final end product with graphics that I sized for the website and social media using Photoshop.

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